The following are a few restaurants and breweries that we have completed.

Iron-Hill-Wilm exterior real 2017.jpg

Iron Hill Brewery & restaurant

In 1996 the award-winning Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant opened its first location in Newark, Delaware. In the 18 years since that time, MOBAC INC has completed 11 more Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurants throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey for the Iron Hill group.  These projects were major renovations to the exterior and total new fit outs of the interior including a kitchen, bar and dining rooms and a full microbrewery with large plate glass windows that separate the brewery from the restaurant where patrons can watch the brewing process.

MOBAC INC Cement Tile Contractor fitou El Camino Restaurant 3.jpg


Construction has recently been completed for the Platinum Dining Group’s Taverna Restaurant and their El Camino Mexican Kitchen located in The Concord in Delaware.


Grain Craft Bar & Restaurant

Prompt completion of two Grain Restaurants one in Pennsylvania and the other in Delaware allowed the Owner to open in a timely manner.

Avenue Kitchen Outside.jpg

Various Restaurant Projects

Various Restaurant projects we have completed.