The following are a few restaurants and breweries that we have completed.

Iron-Hill-Wilm exterior real 2017.jpg

Iron Hill Brewery & restaurant

In 1996 the award-winning Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant opened its first location in Newark, Delaware. In the 18 years since that time, MOBAC INC has completed 11 more Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurants throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey for the Iron Hill group.  These projects were major renovations to the exterior and total new fit outs of the interior including a kitchen, bar and dining rooms and a full microbrewery with large plate glass windows that separate the brewery from the restaurant where patrons can watch the brewing process.

MOBAC INC sm exterior GrainH20_CF038524_5_6.jpg

Grain Craft Bar & Restaurant

The recent completion of two Grain Restaurants one in Pennsylvania and the other in Delaware allowed the Owner to open in a timely manner.

Avenue Kitchen Outside.jpg

Various Restaurant Projects

Various Restaurant projects we have completed.